Background Edit

Aiko Hazamada was first encountered in Season 1 Episode 3 at the Arume Base, ABS-1, by Eva. Where soon after she explains her role at the base to help Base Leader Mikoto as her second in command. Though her role is more secondly in command her duties exceed her position as she finds herself making more decisions than Mikoto.

Personality Edit

Aiko overall is a kind, hardworking, and helpful individual. As with part of her job Aiko spends most of her time in her office keeping up with messages or around the base overlooking the soldiers and helping Mikoto with various tasks. Though Aiko is trustful of others to a fault as seen when she trusts Eva as a new private without questioning her.

Appearance Edit

Aiko has gray eyes shoulder-length pure white hair that are kept in bangs. As for what she wears, it's a outfit standard for high ranking Arume with a few personal touches. From toes to head she wears black boots with golden trims, dark thigh-highs, a short skirt with red highlights, a leather belt with a standard issue katana, a black military standard top with golden buttons and red trims, and a long black cape that descends from her neck to her lower thighs.