Background Edit

Much of Alice's past is shrouded in mystery, we do not know her true motivations for doing the things that she did, especially now that she has been killed by Halton. We do know that she wanted to overthrow the royal family, but we don't know whether it was out of contempt or if she just wanted power. She is first introduced to Dan Quake when he was sent out as a spy, she was always one step ahead of him, and always put him in uncomfortable situations. Later on after Dan escapes with Kyoko, Alice gets captured by the resistance and becomes their prisoner. While she's with them, she and Jim Black form a strange relationship, probably because Jim was the only one that treated her differently.

She was brought on a mission to capture one of the airships because the resistance had a plan, a way to use her to their advantage, since her men would then stand down and the resistance would encounter less soldiers. But she managed to escape when they let their guard down. Later on when Jim Black Joined the Arume, he started to work under Alice, but that was a short time, as Alice died due to a gunshot wound by Halton when she tried to stage a coup against the royal family.

Appearance Edit

Alice has a very unique looking bob-cut, her hair is a bright shade of white, and she has piercing red eyes. Her clothes consist of the standard Arume general uniform, which is a skirt, a shirt, and a jacket, all white, But she obviously changes her outfit when she's going into combat. She has fat in all the right places, and is also slim in all the right places. She has fairly big breasts, and a nice ass.

Personality Edit

Alice's personality can change depending on who's she's with. if she's with someone that she doesn't particularly hate, she is usually very playful but in a serious manner. When she is with someone she hates (which is a lot of people) she is usually very sarcastic and mean, yet still keeping a calm manner. Alice always tries to keep calm and smug in whatever situation she's in.