Alicia was first met in Episode 1 at the Resistance Base. Even as one of the captain's in the base she maintains a high level of autonomy. Her past is mostly unknown aside from the fact she has been with the Resistance since it formation.

Personality Edit

Headstong, cocky, and short-tempered. Those can all be used to describe Alice. Upon first meeting one may stingy to a fault due to her use of low upmost insistent of using at the smallest amount of resources at the highest efficiency with the lowest cost.

When off duty Alicia's personality more or less remains the same, though with visible differences. She becomes more willing to talk, and is quick to be embarrassed. Any mention of this will bring her to anger and she will not think twice of punishment if she desired. If questioned on the scar on her eye, Alicia will only give a short answer before telling the person off.

Appearance Edit

Alicia has a small petite body standing at only 5'4; the only notable part of her body is her muscle definition and rather large backside. A scar lines over her left eye.

Her apparel on the other hand covers nearly every part of her body. A white shirt covered by a yellow and black along with a matching scarf.