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In Ther Series Edit

Amelia was first met in South Carolina, along with her family, Dave, Claire, and Harry Jones. She was escorted back to the South Carolina Resistance Base by some soldiers. They were ambushed by an Arume Mech, but she survived.

Amelia joined Faith's group on the aircraft carrier, as she was to be picked up halfway through the journey to Europe and taken to a safe-zone.

Personality Edit

Amelia is a shy and quiet girl. She gets excited when she has the opportunity to learn something new. However, the loss of her mother and brother, coupled with then being separated from her father, has left her rather depressed, though she tries not to show it.

Appearance Edit

Amelia is a small, young fourteen-year-old girl with long black hair that she occasionally braids when she's bored. She also has brown eyes and wears a cardigan and a black skirt with knee-highs. She usually has a sad look on her face.