Background Edit

Angela is an Arume engineer that was captured during a resistance attack on a base. She was then taken prisoner and was used to learn about Arume technology, and made Arume weaponry usable by humans. She eventually became free and started working for the humans instead. She is currently the head engineer for the resistance, and is known for making many of the famous weapons and armour used by the resistance, such as Arthas's suit of armour, and Jeremy's sniper rifle which curves bullets.

Appearance Edit

Angela has bright blonde hair and brown eyes. she's about average height, and very curvy, meaning she has a huge rack. Her clothes are very basic, which consists of a skirt, and a shirt of some kind.

Personality Edit

Only appearing when she has made something for the players, they do not get to know her that much. She is usually very quiet, and is frightened by many things. She has trouble with social interaction as well, so she mainly stays in her lab working on things.