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                                                                                 This is a wikia dedicated to arume and related materials.

                                                Arume threads had been existing since 9th may 2017 and since then, it has been a big clusterfuck,

                                                                          this wikia is for all the lost fags who don't understand what's going on.

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Arume started out as a small roleplaying game on 4chan's /bant/ board. The concept of Arume however, came from an anime known as "Blue Drop", but today's Arume have almost nothing to do with the anime, and instead evolved into its own universe. Arume are an advanced space civilization that is made up of only women, women that look human. These alien women invaded earth with their advanced technology. However Arume government, technology, or opinions can change depending on which universe you are looking at.

The first threads were done by a professional League of Legends player known as IdolMariya, but the Arume players knew her as Captain. The point of these first threads done by captain was to fulfill a feminization fetish (since captain is a male to female transgender). The Arume would imprison human males, and turn them into females through machines, the players usually roleplaying as the human males that were a part of a resistance against the Arume. However many players were not playing for the feminization fetish, and instead playing for the action that took place in the thread, and this is why the new age of arume took place.

                The purpose of this page is solely for the use of containing information related with the universe, such as characters and threads archives.

                                                           This place is under construccion and so everything can change from day to day.