Background Edit

A Louisiana native, she joined the Louisiana Resistance when the Arume invaded and worked as a nurse. One day a new comer to the resistance, Arthas Menethil started flirting with her, and long story short they hit it off, they fell madly in love with each other. But in the end Arthas leaves her for another girl that he meets a few hours later, and then falls madly in love with her instead. After a couple months Arthas decides that he finally feels bad enough about what he did to Asami so he gets one of the resistance soldiers, Foster to become Asami's boyfriend. Foster and Asami now have a very sad and painful relationship together from an outsider's point of view. But both of them are broken People so they are content with each other.

Appearance Edit

Asami has long orange hair with blue eyes and pale skin. She is slim with long legs, and an average boob size. She mostly just wears a nurse outfit because she is a nurse.

Personality Edit

Asami is very playful and full of joy, however as the war drags on she is slowly starting to lose that joyfulness.