Background Edit

How Eva came to be is a mystery to her. She can only remember two things, her name and age, she's still trying to work out the rest...

Appearance Edit

Standing at only 5'1", 155 cm, Eva Amiella is a very small catgirl. She has long, purple hair, that fades to blue towards the tips, dark-purple eyes and a long tail covered with purple hair. She has a fragile, thin figure, giving her little physical strength, that she covers with her dark-grey jumper, blue mini-skirt and black tights, giving her legs free movement. However, if supplied with one, she'll happily wear a uniform instead, although, it has to be specially modified to allow for her tail. She also has a black utility belt that she wears, tightly, around her waist, this allows her to hold her katana, machine pistol, and ammo, also coming with a few small pouches that can be used to hold any smaller items. She is obviously the cutest.

Personality Edit

Eva is shy and timid a lot of the time, but she can get very passionate when pressured. Despite her shy personality, she always tries to find the strength to fight whatever enemies stand in her way. Furthermore, she's very easily spooked, making her jumpy when in high tension situations. Eva's shy personality tends to make her feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when she finds herself at the centre of attention. As well as this, she's easily embarrassed. This is especially true when it comes to receiving compliments, however, it's not like she dislikes getting them.

Trivia Edit

  • Her most beloved food is fish, with tuna being her favourite.
  • Cononically THE CUTEST (I'm not going to fix that)
  • Update: Still THE CUTEST
  • Update by the Verse Creator: At the current moment it is being debated whether the above statement is true. To remedy this at the moment she shall be granted this title along with one NPC.
  • Update from your white overlord: Get your hands off my character's profile, you dirty nog.
  • No.
  • Eva's theme song: