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In The Series Edit

Faith was first met in South Carolina, in an Arume base, where she was being held prisoner. She took back control over the South Carolina Resistance Base after she was rescued, she was the sole survivor from her squad. She proceeded to take part in the docks mission, securing reinforcements from Europe for North America. She passed the leadership duty for the South Carolina resistance Base on to Lieutenant Harold Peters after she was instructed to lead a team over to Europe.

Faith gathered a small squad and got aboard an aircraft carrier, destined for Europe.

Personality Edit

Faith is calm most of the time and always follows orders. However, she can become visibly stressed out when things don't go as planned. Despite this, she always perseveres to fulfil her duties. She's also easily embarrassed, however, she tries her best to keep anything she's insecure about a secret from the people she knows.

Appearance Edit

Faith has white, medium-length hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a relaxed look on her face, and she keeps her posture relaxed most of the time as well. She likes to wear her white uniform with a black mini-skirt and black thigh-high socks. She also has a small bust, for her age.