Background Edit

Foster grew up in New Orleans with a normal family. He always looked up to his elder brother who was in the military at the time. During the Arume invasion all of his family perished except his brother. Both him and his brother found the resistance in Louisiana after some months of scavenging and they both decided to become snipers for the resistance. Foster lost his brother after an attack on an Arume base, and that was when he also met Jeremy Gigglebert. They both became friends, and he reminded foster of his older brother. Both Jeremy and Foster learned a lot from Bill after finding him holding out in a surplus store, and they both became phenomenal snipers.

Appearance Edit

Foster is 5'10 with medium black hair. He is lean and fit, and appears a bit skinny because of his body weight, but nonetheless he is muscular. He just wears a green military jacket most of the time with camo pants.

Personality Edit

Foster is known to be very silly and is usually not taken seriously. Many would describe him as fun to be around because of how funny and self deprecating he is. However when it comes down to finishing a mission, a switch will go off, and he will finish it whatever the cost.