Halton has been one of the soldiers that participated in several events, such as Alice's du coup, he's known for being in both worlds and will do anything to achieve his goals, sometimes.

Biography Edit

Iulius Ceaser, or also known as Halton, was born in Italy in 1997. Born in a family which descendence were executioners, the Ceasar family was well known for maintaining the tradition that all male members of the family were taught to become executioners at the age of 13, at first they would become assistants and then, they would become executioners, which would replace his father and they would carry on the family duty, Halton would accept his fate, without questioning his family actions or their duty. Halton had a sister called Alessa, she got married with one of the most known man in Naples, who, unfortunately, would abuse her after the marriage. This leads Halton to challenge her husband for his sister's honor, of which they both do so with revolvers. Halton won, but due to the high status of the man he killed, he had the option of Exile or Execution by his own family, his father embarrassed by Iulius actions, told him to change his name and never come back. And so he did, he migrated to the USA in search of a new life, which he couldn't find thanks to the arume invasion, and so he joined the resistance in search for a comfy life.

Appareance Edit

Halton has a brown short hair, he has blue eyes and always wears a jacket since Season 3. Even though that Halton has a slim and muscular appearance, he doesn't really know how to fight in close quarters, most of the time relying on weapons.

Personality Edit

Halton can be described as a calculating person, that creates plans and sometimes tries to stay ahead of everyone else in terms of actions, he doesn't like to be saw as someone weak, and he doesn't really bother with searching for love but if by decisions of fate he finds one, he tries to stay loyal to it. Most of the time Halton is going to play around with people for his own entertainment and he doesn't act serious when is not necessary, usually he's dedicated to what he does and doesn't like to see loved ones being hurt, sometimes placing himself in danger for them.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his protective personality, if he has to hurt a loved one, and there's no way to prevent that, then he will (Gotta love the irony in this one)
  • He died in one occasion, but thanks to the devil he cheated death.
  • He killed both of his waifus in one occasion.
  • Sometimes can act very smug, to the point of doing unpredictable stuff just for fun.