Tiberius Alexander Jeremiah Black,JimJam, Jimbo or just Jim for short was born in Georgia, USA in 2004. Like most kids growing up in this time he lived a normal suburban life with his loving family and friends. Breezing through life easily, Jim learned to become a well and somewhat mature man under his father's tutelage. Alas, this wouldn't last as when back in 2020 the Arume invaded planet Earth and immediately conquered the USA. Now without contact to family and now living off of his wits alone Jim wandered across the southern USA, scrounging to avoid Arume eyes and to survive, until he found the Texas Resistance that provided him with a means of living by fighting the Arume.

Appearing during Season Two Episode One he began his tale by assisting with bringing down an Arume airship. While rummaging through the wreck he came across an amnesiac Arume he named Tomo, who began to rely on Jim as she was frankly stupid. Soon after he captured Private Isabelle who he kept in the same cell as Tomo. Like Tomo she lost her memories after a fight and began to rely on Jim throughout the season. Soon time passed and he began to take an interest in General Alice, but he kept his wits about himself and mostly stayed away from her.


Jim has short white hair he keeps unkempt. Standing at 6 feet and 5 inches he's one of the tallest characters within Noobverse while still keeping a slim yet muscular appearance.


Overall Jim can be summed up as a cool dude on first appearances. He simply tries to help whoever he can whether it be human or Arume. Most of time he tries to keep up a smug level-headed facade that Alice has described as "cute yet charming", but this hasn't kept him from bursts of anger or becoming flustered when women invade his personal space. One thing that makes him labeled as a "pervert" by many staff both male and female, low and high rank, is his charismatic nature when it comes with women. Much to his annoyance the constant impliance of him being a pervert leaves him easily angered when called that. With near every women he has talked to for an extended period of time getting closer to him it appears as if he will never make a choice of who he wants to be in a relationship with.

He is quick to act and say what's on his mind which result in getting him in all the current situations he is now with the Arume. Though hard to tell as he prefers to speak things out he loves a good ole gunfight, and show hints of sadism as he quite thoroughly enjoys killing and shit talking with no regards to others feelings.


  • Is actually the second version of a character who originally went by Jim Clark
  • Despite being the most perverted and charismatic with women in Noobverse he remains a virgin to the point of never even seeing another female naked
  • Much to the chagrin of other players and NPCs Jim has the most waifus, with twelve in total (Tomo, Isabelle, Izanami, Hitomi, Alice, Hinata, Mari, Yoko, Rin, Chiyako, Yoko, and Emilia)
  • He's admitted the only woman he loved was Alice and Tomo
  • Has survived two near death situation