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In The Series Edit

Jun was first met at the Colorado Resistance Base, where she was travelling with the leader of the Florida Resistance Group, Kenny, as a representative from their Resistance Base. She was later asked, despite the disagreement of Kenny, by Commander Aki to join Faiths' group in their venture over to Europe. She travelled to the South Carolina Resistance Base, before boarding an aircraft carrier destined for Europe.

Personality Edit

Jun is a shy, young, Arume girl who tries to avoid getting close to too many people. However, her alcohol tolerance is extremely low, understandably so considering she's only sixteen. As a result, when she gets inevitably drunk after a single drink, she ends up acting without thought and doing things she regrets.

Appearance Edit

Jun is very short, coming in at 5'4", and she has brown eyes. She has brown hair that's medium length with a single, long bang on her left. She usually wears her dark green military overalls. Unless she's taking a break, in which case she usually wears a skirt or shorts and a t-shirt.