Background Edit

Lucy was a tank driver in the Arume stratocracy. She's first seen when her tank gets captured by Halton, who then takes her prisoner. After some time Halton asks her to teach him how to drive a tank, and so she agrees. While she's teaching him inside the tank she drives over to Arume territory and they get taken in by the Arume. She lies to the Arume saying that Halton helped her escape, so they spare his life. Halton and Lucy go on many adventures after this.

Appearance Edit

Lucy has dark purple hair and red eyes. She used to wear a red Arume uniform, but now sports resistance uniforms and anything that's comfortable. She's curvy with a slim waist and keeps in shape by working out.

Personality Edit

Lucy is very cynical and doesn't care for much of anything. She didn't care much for the Arume, nor the resistance at the moment. She is fueled by her own self interests but still has loyalty to people she cares about.