Background Edit

Nancy is a former soldier for the arume empire. When the empress was captured and the stratocracy took over many loyalist soldiers had to fend for themselves including her. She became a gun for hire with a group of other former loyalist soldiers. The leader of her group is Chiyako, and they're all known as "ronin" since they were former soldiers of the empress and now are reduced to petty guns for hire who only serve to the highest bidder.

Appearance Edit

Short of stature but strong, Nancy has a muscular and "thick", but womanly body. Thick strong legs to generate power from, slightly defined arms, and a strong core. Yet a small waist to hip ratio, and sizable breasts and rear.

Nancy wears a black sleeveless shirt, and a black arume armor vest in which she keeps ammo and weapons. She wears dark gray pants that are tucked into her black boots. Her right arm has a sleeve tattoo which is not uncommon for "ronin". She has surprisingly pale skin for the environment she's in, and has blonde hair with blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Disciplined, motivated, unmovable, and childish, these are the traits that define Nancy. Compared to the other arume in her group who are usually more laid back, she is rather lively and energetic. Not really in a positive and happy way though. She's quick to complain if something doesn't go her way and is very stubborn when she's set her mind to something. She's one of the most prideful guns for hire you'll ever meet, her honor cannot be tarnished or she'll go mad as we see when Jim Black defeats her. She may talk about how loyal she is to the empress but in reality she let all that go a long time ago and is only in this game for herself.