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The absolute madman himself

Punished Anon is a character featuring in both the Noobverse and the Frogverse, he is proficient in autism warfare, along with espionage, theft, and marksmanship. He is about 6'0 and has an extreme hatred for Arumes. His favorite weapon is the H&K G11, but will use any gun he can get his hands on

Frogverse Punished AnonEdit

He was pretty much the same as he was in the Noobverse, since at the time there was no distinction between op's threads. What was different was that shortly before his death he went out scavanging for food and other supplies. He found some cans of baked beans but in a series of low rolls got heard by a patrol, shot in the leg, and had a standoff with the patrol. He had a 4 post long standoff with 2 Arume before the fighting started, where he died in a cellar from bleeding. He has not died yet in the Noobverse

In NoobverseEdit

His first appearence was when he raped information out of Arumes and immediately got promoted to seargeant. He then got questioned on why the resistance should cut open an Arume to find out what's poisonous to them, and the movement was denied by popular vote. He found out shortly afterwards that helium was poisonous to the Arumes and gassed a base of Arumes, not before kicking F in the dick for pointing a gun at him though, gaining a new base for the resistance. Later on he became a revered member of the resistance, being a top sniper in the Resistance with over 300 confirmed kills. He's also been on numerous secret raids on the Arume and is trained in guerilla warfare. His real name is Ng'rlyhrgyh'ghltragthen'thloraock'crkrchrokcl'f'taghn'lrytuahl'yuoer'urieh'Hjroklernniilldkle'filkderglill'xxdgaanleyg'toiroreodnf'Ghroot'rotkd'bfiro'fior'eear'ifo'nkgor'fitj'igot'nfog'jhorkglan'eithr'iotrd, too