Background Edit

Doctor Stacy Izumi is the Arume scientist present at ABS-1. Her duties pertain to all technology present in the area along with development of altering items.

Personality Edit

Stacy is a rather odd individual by human and Arume standards. Her personality ever since arriving on the Earth has been focused on the young planet itself more so than the Arume movement. She proves to be one of the smartest person one could ever meet but remains rather dull when it comes to proper social interactions. She's easily surprised and has a tendency to be overly caring of those around her. Strangely enough she does bear deep hatred for loud noises and rowdy individuals who disturb her. Arume have noted that she seems warped when it comes to others who volunteer to help her in anyways. Rather than working with them outright she'd keep details hidden and lead them on regardless of the dangers.

Appearance Edit

Izumi has extremely long dark purple hair that descends to below her knees despite being fastened. Her bangs part down the middle and shows her calm features. Stacy skin remains pale despite the location she's stationed. Her body is well formed more than most Arume with large breasts, slim waist, and sizable hips, thighs, and posterior.

For apparel she usually wears a sleeveless turtleneck sweater colored light purple. Depending on how she feels she may change her appearance to what she feels comfortable in from tight jeans to loose skirt.