Background Edit

Agent Victoria Hood of the Arume is a longtime member of the security detail in Termina. Originally just a guard and friend of Chinami she was recently given the title of Agent. As a loyal supporter of the Empire she investigates and stops any threats relating too the Empire.

Personality Edit

Victoria is what one would expect from someone who's been in service since her childhood. Honed by years of service her mindset has become one of a incredibly efficient young lady who takes whatever option possible to ensure the stability of the Empire.

Normally she keeps up a kind soft smile and lives with confidence over her successful actions. Though she has a quirk in which she ever sees even the slightest change in favor away from her she grows increasingly more angry too the point of spewing death threats and eventual crying when it's all over.

Appearance Edit

Victoria has long white hair tied into a ponytail that descends down to her back. Her skin while clear of any blemishes is incredibly pale and lacks any notable coloration. Her eyes a light color of pink and usually remain nearly closed most of the time. Her body is rather average; slim yet toned with medium sized assets and wide hips.

For her apparel she keeps up a color scheme of gray and dark blue neutrals. Around her neck is a gasmask and fastened below that is a combat cloak made to slow small arms fire. On her torso is a long-sleeve shirt that exposes her midriff with an combat holster over it. Down below her waist are simple one colored single-button slacks finished with dark combat boots.